The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

(milkman) #1

Here 'tis. Watch. Why? BECAUSE MENTOK WILLS IT SO!
(DivX 5.02 Required)

(BMD) #2

that’s great!
Nice sounds hehe

(milkman) #3

made in Blender Publisher, post processed a tiny bit (motion blur) in VirtualDub

(milkman) #4

wow, 30 views and one reply. I’d like some feedback please!Thanka.

(rogerm3d) #5

I love that. Like how the buildings are done toon like.
I thought it would be cool if before cow started running, when your looking at it if it blinked slowly then started running. :wink: Just an Idea.
Overall nicely done.
Moooooooo…Moooo :wink:

(kEinStein) #6

Hehe! Well done!! Like it!! :smiley: :smiley:

P.S.: Perhaps you could add a little blink in the close-up of the cow. (Oh! Already said… :wink: )

(Zweistein) #7

nice movie for the beginning…

(xintoc) #8

Where did you get the soundtrack?

(milkman) #9

welp, I just downloaded Vangelis- Chariots of Fire from WinMX I think, converted it to WAV, used N-Track 2.3 ( for sound editing, timed frames and such just so, found some Looney Tunes sound effects and found a cow mooing sound effect from

Just spliced a bunch of sound files together into one WAV file and inserted it into the video file with virtualdub.

(xintoc) #10

Thanks I have WinMX too…

(BaDbOyHeRe) #11

that was pretty cool. I liked the theme and the style of the scene was wonderful. A little timing issue with the sound effects(which can take awhile to get it just right). I will be looking forward to seeing your next one.

(S68) #12

Sweet :slight_smile:


(UglyMike) #13

R-E-A-L-L-Y nice!!

As mentioned, now that mthoenes has gone to the trouble of completing his cartoon eyes tut at (under some duress, I might add…) some eye movement might take a bit of the 2D effect away from the cow.