The Creature

This is my intend to model a Creature. What do you think about it? Any useful advice before I continue? I expect feedback!

The body:

And the head:

Thanks in advance!

nice topology. he is low poly enough to put in a game and you could do a high poly to low poly normals bake on him to add surface detail.

I pretend to sculpt it once I’ve finished modeling. I can use the sculpted info for the normal map but you should help me with that: it’s something I’ve never did.

You have a very good poly flow going there – very simple, yet it works well.

basically you just UV map the low poly mesh, put it in the same space as the high poly one, add a new image in the UV editor, join the UV coords of your low poly object to the image, then go to the bake buttons, check ‘normals’ and ‘tangeant’ and hit ‘bake’

I can almost hear it muttering “Muh preciousssssss.”:slight_smile: