The Crow's Cave

Made with Blender, Zbrush and photoshop using The Rock Essentials from Blender

Check out the breakdown and more here:

Check out The Rock Essentials for Blender:

I like the composition of the image, and it looks very realistic :slight_smile:

So, what is that you have done by yourself using Blender?
The crow wires? Why ZBrush? Why Photoshop? Why BW? Hmmm, the concept? The story… somebody forgotten to secure the boat. Why boat… nobody’s around. If dead? Boat to be floating away… breaking on rocks… no goods? No spice, liquor, meat, food, fire, gunpowder, gold or silk? Nothing. The crow.
Sorry, for being skeptic but is getting pretty lame, pretty fast… not to dis you or anything like that… What was the challenge that made you proud? The experience, making you feel good…?

Nice one !
I’m not a fan of the B&W style in 3D but this looks really good.

Side question : what are your thoughts on the rock essentials so far ?

The purpose of an artistic realization is not always on the “challenge”, the primary point is about how the result makes you feel, if it moves you, if it’s pleasing or whatever else.
The composition is perfect, it doesn’t have to be realistic as you can analyze the image however you want. I see the crow, I see loneliness, or an visualization of nature, or a Three Eyed Raven (^^).
The boat doesn’t have to be secured, it’s ready to go, maybe the only human in the scene is the viewer, and the viewer is gonna jump on that boat.
Some find black and white relaxing, classy, balanced…

What I mean is : why try to decompose it ? Just feel it man ^^

Thank you! I’m glad you like it. Yes the B&W/Noir color scheme is an acquired taste. The Rock essentials is great! I love it. Something for anybody looking to get great looking rocks in a fast time.

I completely agree! I love your perspective on the render too!

Ah yes, I see your question here. Lets see if I can explain it.

It was all done by myself. Other than the things I used from Rock Essentials, And even most of those rocks I made for them for the pack, like the large boulders. And I used the assets because it was a specific render to show them off.

Inside Blender it was all composed in there, everything but the Background and the cave walls themselves, those were made in Zbrush.

The BG was made in Photoshop as well as the crow.

And Yes I used Zbrush, and Photoshop to do some minor things here and there.

But that hardly matters, If I was a painter I would not be discredited due to the fact that I did not make the paint or the paint brushes. I am credited for what I do with those tools. Somebody might not be able to take the assets I used and compose them in a way that is appealing, not to say mine is, as that is entirely opinion based.

It is up to you to decide how the boat got there, and Who’s it is. Somebody who comes there is not necessarily going to dump all their junk in the cave or on the shore :stuck_out_tongue: maybe it’s in the boat, and maybe the boat was abandoned, and the character is now exploring the cave. It’s all up to the imagination. Let it run wild. or at least that’s what i’m going with :stuck_out_tongue: I only had 3 days to make the scene haha.

Well I hope you can see my point of view.

Cheers, and thanks for your comment, Burnin

This is amazing.

Thank you :smiley:

Love it :slight_smile:

First of all, nice modeling work Mason Blender. :slight_smile:
And please don’t forget to work harder to impress viewers like burnin. Though he’s very blunt, he’s got a point. :slight_smile:

I really enjoy everything about this image, I think the black and white style fits it perfectly. It tells an interesting story. I draws me in and I want to know more about this world.

I really like the scene, almost looks like a photo.

The one thing I’m not a fan of is the crow. If you look closely it looks photoshopped, maybe it would be better if it was an actual mesh in the scene?