The Cube Creation

Hi :),

I would like to share my entry, for the regular weekend contest in blendernation.

I used blender 2.7, and rendered in Cycles, After that I’ve touched it little bit in photoshop (levels, and color correction).
Basically whole scene is made by shape of a cube. This was the main goal of this challenge. :slight_smile:
Hope you like it, if you have any questions, let me know.

Blend files are available here…:slight_smile:
after the touch in photoshop

before that directly from Blender :slight_smile:… - Whole File… - Main shape… - Background… - Particle System


You practically forget it’s made of cubes because of its highly fluid and smooth nature, kind of looks like a high-tech flower, or galaxy, or iris ect…

Crits. the contrast has exposed a bit of noise, I think you should really consider using the Blender compositor for strong adjustments such as that as it works on float values from the raw render. Also, it would’ve been nice to see some improved sharpness in the detail of the background.

I do not know if the grain in cubes is something you have done intentionally, or it is related to Cycles noise, but I really like how that grain looks in the cubes.
Good creation!

I agree with YAFU, I like the noise in the cubes. very abstract, very cool. Keep it up!

looks great.

Thank you,

Yes I left the grain cause i like it.
This grain came from cycles. My Toshiba Satellite laptop with only 4GB of ram and incorporated video card doesn’t allow me to do something more at that moment. :slight_smile:

was made in those rend options:
samples: 150, preview: 200, no caustics, full global illumination - difuse150 -glossy150.

@Ace_Dragon: I did not get your comment about “You practically forget it’s made of cubes” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - sorry about it.

Yes is made from cubes - the scene is containing only 3 cubes, no modeling, only modifiers are used.
My main concept was to create something different of just cubic, something similar to our real nature, but not directly flower of tree.
I mean about of composition feeling and whole idea. And I thought, what about a representing of the The Creation, from this kind of cube perspective point of view.

And there is it - the first soul sparing in shape flying from above to the ocean… . :slight_smile:

Nice job with the cubes. Looks like it would make a good album cover.

haha :slight_smile: that’s true! Could be

nice composition, I like much the colors.
Is amazing the things you can do if given too many chances to primitive and modifiers, very good job.

Nice! The colors are amazing!