The Cube - VFX

To keep it short - I did some VFX Practice again, this time focusing widely on using environment maps ! :smiley:

Watch it here ! :

well, now i’ll go a little dealer about why I actually did this test, since most of the users probably woun’t even read this but instead just watch the video and then leave again, i want to thank you for taking notice of this text and show curiosity :smiley:
well, it all pretty much started by having the idea for some sort of short film (chances are good that it actually will be made - but in far better quality than this little test ).
since i don’t want to talk about the film i’ll just go on by telling how this was made and stuff :wink:
rendered in cycles, environment map was created with microsoft’s app photo synth.
since i don’t know anymore what i want to tell about this i’ll just go ahead and say good bye and have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

Good job! How did you achieve the shadow? As Far as I know, it is not possible to create a matte shadow material inside of cycles.

You can use a AO pass to replicate that. :slight_smile: Nice work.