The Culture: Rapid Offensive Unit (3D print series #2)

Hello Blenders,

I made a printable model of the Rapid Offensive Unit (ROU). It comes from the Culture, a series of science-fiction novels of which I make illustrations and original designs. The rendering is not impressive I know, only to show the model.

You can find renderings and illustrations of the ROU on my Artstation page. I didnt put them here because it was made with Softimage (also known as XSI) back then. Now I have fully switched to Blender.

The .stl files are for sale on Artstation and Gumroad

Please send photos and feedback if you print it!

There are two previous models available in this series:

The General Contact Unit, ( post is here ).

The Very Fast Picket: The Culture: Very Fast Picket (3D print series #2)

You can get a previous version (without details) for free on Gumroad or Artstation

On the technical side:

To be honest, my choice of making the details with subdivision + dispace modifier turned out to be a hellish experience. Blender was crashing a lot and I didnt have enough RAM too (16go).
It’s been a die and retry process, saving at every step, waiting (cumulated) hours, duplicating objects before applying modifiers. Very old school, tedious and time consuming work.

I dont remember Maya or Softimage having such a hard time processing heavy polygon objects. Sure the scene is rather heavy: 2Go for 13 millions triangles. But even the slightiest action on a simple object of this scene is processed for a very long time, and eventually crash. Mighty god, I have to work better than this!

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