The Cup - animation piece using Psl-Man MultiRig

Hi there!

After the five month of the regular course some students work in this animation piece called
“The Cup”

All characters are based on psl-man rig ,Made in Blender 2.50 in three months.



Awesome animation, man. Students? More like pros… :slight_smile: top-notch nodes too… skin material perhaps a bit too plastic…

but this is the wrong section to showcase it. How about Finished Projects or Animations?


Wheheh, gotta admit, that was funny. Great timing, too :slight_smile:

Looks like your students learned animating from one of the best :wink:

Awesome pepe!

Whew, that was too good! Made me laugh a bit to say the least! Very well made piece here, great job to everyone involved :wink:

Awesome animation!

The little kid reminds of the kid from UP.

Impressive, as usual :slight_smile: !!!
Is pls-man rig available somewhere for a download?

You are right, is not the best section sorry, so any admin can move the thread to
Animations? Or simply I create a new thread?


I think there is not point in having the “Animations” forum separate from “finished projects”… just my two cents… Isn’t an animation a project?

Fantastic work!
Love it!

Post it wherever you like, it’s still great! Aaaaaand, if you ask me, this IS Blender news - I mean, Blender needs more pro animations!

Great stuff, as usual.

btw, although multirig is not available, Red Nelb is verry good!

I just want that box of never ending donuts!

hi, this is great, and funny :wink: