The Curious Drawings Of James F Robot.

Well my point is that when posting your work, take the time to clean it up. I made the lines darker than I intended, mostly what I was trying to show is the impact of simply rotating the image, cropping it, and cleaning off the grunge.

Ah. Okay. I see.

Loosely based this off of a part of a church men’s retreat I went on.
Also tried cleaning it up as best as possible.

Enjoy! :smiley:

Not a drawing but it is a thing I am making for an artful purpose:
An upright washtub bass.
on a drawing note, i am making a comic strip as an experment.

Le me:

Why the heck are these things sideways?!

You must be posting them sideways. :slight_smile:

Rotate them in Gimp and color correct. That is why I have been saying “clean them up”.

These look great man :smiley: Keep up the good work!

Been a while.

now here’s a twist guys:
i have created a 2D drawing using Blender (im posting it here because it is 2D after all…ish).

lately i have been goofing off with using Bezier curves as pencil lines for mock 2D or vector graphics drawings (for no ultimate purpose…other than it may prove as a useful tool in the future…somehow.)
lately, i have been reminiscing, strangely, to an old sci-fi show known as “My Life As A Teenage Robot”
back then I had a bit of a fondness for the show (as you could imagine) and I like the mock 1940’s-50’s anime style of the show (not counting the already retro style setting of it anyhow…which is equally cool).

So, putting my experiments to application, I decided to make an Original Character in the style of this show.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: