The current state of the CG industry

So, I just wanted to know what the current state of the CG industry was? I mean, when Youtube was new, over a decade ago, it used to let you upload only 5 min videos or whatever. Those days are long over, so, I’m wondering if people are making LONGER FORM CG videos, you know, NOT the typical “kids cartoon”, but more…say 20 min long or whatever? Going all the way up to a FULL MOVIE?? Has anybody started releasing FULL movies (say 1 1/2 to 2 hrs.) on Youtube? (for FREE I mean!) ( and I don’t mean pirated, obviously). Or do those people opt more for the Amazon Prime/Netflix type of option? Which one has the better payout? …with modern hardware which can render realtime, it’s obviously easier to simply get…MORE CG out the door, so - it’s logical that people would release full length movies, ie. the chances are greater. If not, is that day round the corner? Does that mean that Pixar and so forth will be Gone in the long run, as more and more kids get a spanking video card and Linux and Blender in their bedrooms? What’s the current state of things? What will happen tomorrow? (don’t forget that torrents are ever-present, btw).

Even with how advanced the tools are compared to how they used to be (to the point where you can even find voice generation), Pixar and friends will still be around. CG is far easier to get started with now and is now easier to get decent results with, but it is still very complex and the quality standards are only going up. Modern CG films are absolutely bursting with detail, are chock full of moving parts and characters, have tons of lights, ect…

For instance, recreating Toy Story would be far easier to do than say, Coco or Zootopia, but Toy Story is considered pretty crude by today’s standards and at best it could get you an audience on Youtube.

The final note here is that you also mentioned hardware, hardware getting more advanced does not always mean your content making speeds up, as companies are using that fact to introduce tech. that requires that additional power (ie. simulating things rather than modeling them by hand).

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Apparently Unreal Engine is the future allowing pixar level real time rendering better than EEVEE… But just because it can be done CG wise i dont think that would make anybody watch a random CG movie put together by some random kids. A lot of thought needs to go into a movie, the script the dialogue. the voice acting, the characters, the editing the advertising etc etc etc…
As for Pixar and the like, they need to up their game to levels beyond what hobbyists and single users can create, and that means fully 360 VR rendered movies that play out around you rather than you watching it from one perspective on a TV.

Can you imagine the massive money-making opportunity if movies of the future were filmed to be compatible with room-scale VR (ie. similar to what the Vive gets you but with the hardware and the space only a theater can provide)?

The rationale would be this, the studios would try to get people to buy a ticket not just once or twice, but dozens of times (because the first time you forgot to glimpse the car explosion behind you, the second time you failed to walk from the spaceship’s cockpit to the closet door to discover the important plot item, the third time you needed to look away from the Avengers to see Iron Man working on his gizmo ect…).

In short, the movies would be designed to make it difficult to see more than a fraction of the details (even important ones) in the first viewing. I am almost certain the big studios would do this to extract more money from moviegoers.

Yes i imagine that would work, but i think the model would be that it works just fine at home in a dedicated room, but the theater has much more expensive hardware to deliver the experience in higher fidelity than home viewing.

Where did you get the idea that a better LOOKING movie is a BETTER movie???!!! :astonished: :scream:


How about…US? :smiley:

Everyone has a pencil. Not everyone is an artist or a writer.

…just a matter of time until the movie industry ends up there where the gaming industry is already.