The Curse

Here’s something I’ve been working on.

Any c&c are appreciated.

wow. what the hell is that? i think a primitive idol.

Looks kind of like someone who has been dead for like 1000 years. But the eyes are a little too “new” for that kind of age. They just don’t fit in with the rest of the body. Maybe change that and it will look a lot better!

If you will take the time to study it some, you will see that it is, in fact, a poor dude who’s been changed into a statue. Specifically, a bust. He’s doomed to remain so for all time.

His eyes are supposed to be a weird contrast with the rest of his face. They are all that are left of his former self. He is obviously very miserable: Notice the tear.

Obviously, the idea of the picture isn’t clear enough,

That is grotesquely nice. Great job LiveWire.

really cool idea for a picture. needs some tweaking though. but i dont really know what.
i think it may be the eyes look to fake and pixary for the picture. (but keep them “new” of course)