The Dagger.

Because it is spring break for me I have alot of free time so today I tried out the cycles engine. This was the product of an hour and a half! I’m pretty happy of the out tell me what you think of it.


It’s very nice. Maybe you should increase the number of passes in the Integration tab. How long did it take to render.

Wow, I thought I was the only sweetheart on this forum. :slight_smile:

It is not nice. The first problem is that you rendered suzanne and a cube. Second problem is the lighting is bad, or very boring at least. This is hardly a test I would show anyone in WIP, certainly not worthy of a finished project. Adjust your depth of field, increase your samples and work on your materials.

Hope that helps more than it hurts.

It took like a minute to render i’m not actually sure.

Thanks :P. For firsts this was my first time using cycles and i had to figure out everything from scratch and two thanks for the tips i’ll work on it.

i dont see why you had to work it all out yourself there are loads of useful tutorials on youtube :smiley:

here is a few to look at

Thanks will check those out soon!

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Ok I really didn’t know about this section :stuck_out_tongue: next time I have a test i’ll post it here.