The Dark Knight Collection

A bunch of Batman related things that I’ve made the past couple of weeks. None of them really warrant their own thread so I thought I would wait till I had a good amount of images then post them all at once.

Last couple of images.


The models are great!!
But I have some problem with the materials, it looks like a plastic. The cars look awsome, but little like a plastic toys.

Love the batman hand and batarangs dragonrlh! I do think the cars are a bit on the glossy side but other than that these are beautiful models! Put them all together and make a few more and you might have a batman animation! :smiley:

Thanks guys. I agree that some of the materials are too glossy and look like plastic. I tried using the Shader Forge:Car Paint tutorial on blender cookie but my results in terms of the shader and lighting are off.

I was working on an animation last year which included the batmobile and motorcycle but due to the length of the project I lost motivation.

Here is the most recent viewport animation (never got around to rendering and just threw in some sound effects):

Here’s the last rendered video that was made (made early on during animation):