The Dark Knight returns

Version in 3D from the Frank’s Miller comic “Batman: The Dark Knight returns”. Render with Cycles about 1h 40m rendering, 500 passes and 1280x720 original resolution.

Sculpt with blender 2.57, I hope you like it!

Here is the reference:


Hey ofito very nice sculpting, I think you have captured the style and have gone beyond it in your own way :slight_smile: Would love to see this with materials! I really like how you handled the face mask. Regards!

It’s strange as it seems the GI is almost not there… How many bounces did you use?

Btw, there are many normal problems on the pillar thing.
And the sculpt itself looks kind of noisy. I’d suggest modeling the clothes seperate from the skin.

dreif Thanks, is my first serious work sculpting, I’ll try add him some materials and maybe a UV texture.

FreeMind There are not GI, only have a emitter plane rendering with Cycles and the background is disconnect. The sculpture material is difusse and color white. I dont know if this strange shadows are normal problems because the pillar is only two level of subdivision surface but I will check it. The noise problem maybe is a result of cyles rendering but Im not sure. It has about 400 passes in this renderer.

About the clothes and the skin, thanks for the advice, I will try.

A new render:

Thanks for the comment!