The Dark Knight Triumphant

Allright… Finally I’ve managed to done it. My personal tribute to the greatest hero ever. :smiley:

I’ve aimed to the classical comic style (wide jaw, small nose etc.) Note to thoes, who might not be aware: The suit, Batman is wearing is the old suit, not the new blue one, which has the bat symbol with yellow background.

IMHO, this older one is a lot cooler.

Oh, yeah… The model of the Batman is redy. I might do another scen with him with better backgrounds, but we will see… It’s too darn nice outside these days.

C&C is welcomed.

Not bad at all.

Lighting could be improved.

The ankles seem a little weird as well. Looks like his foot is almost going to break.

Other than that, just a really good job.


“It’s a good thing I brought my carosel reversal spray with me.” (Simpsons)

Yeah, I just thought I’d say that, and not say anything else… Except this… Typing is hard work…

And what in earth you mean by that?

If you didn’t see that episode, you won’t get it. haha that was a good one, jeeves! :wink:

Hippie, nice batman! his lips look a little feminine to me, not sure why, almost as if he’s wearing lipstick. I really like the rest of it though!

what next? the boy-wonder? catgirl? the joker? :wink:

Hmmm… I could do a scene, where the Joker is killing Robin… (for a note, I think the whole boy-wonder stuff is like a bad joke, which gets everyone little bit uneasy, if somebody mentiones it…) :wink:

Or then again Catwoman is always hot … :stuck_out_tongue:

koool! the lips are too thin and the color is to “soft” it looks like plastic rather tham flesh, oragne color doesn’t fit. i to dislike robin he’s to gay for batman, and true this suit is better, however spawn is the best super hero, if he can be considered a hero