The Dark Man (aka Nyarlathothep)

Hi, i’m new here.
For my first post, let me introduce you Dark-Man, one of the avatar of Nyarlathothep, the divinity created by H. P. Lovecraft. You can find him in “the dreams in the witch house” novel.

This is the basic shape, sculpted with dyntopo upon a base mesh
Here are the work on the hair, which is not finished. It’s quite long to do.

Only legs will have hairs + the chin.

The head is some sort of animals mix.

Well, that’s all for now. It’s still in progress and looks a bit sketchy for now, but the overall look is here.

Hoping to find some good feedback and tips to improve my skills.
The main goal is to produce a low poly version to be used in animations or even in BGE.

Thanks for watching, and see you later.

Wow, very nice and detailed modeling! I’d like to see the full figure. The links were disabled unfortunately. Keep us posted on the progress

Hi !

thanks for feedback.
All is still a bit sketchy for now, but you can see the overall look.

legs will have sculpted hairs