The dark prince (nudity)update color test

ok i made a nun the last time so i am gonna make the devil this time just to even things out i am mostly working on the ears now and i am having a hard time getting them the way i want them, if anyone knows a good way to make ears i would love to hear about it

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Here is a great ear modelling tutorial. Just modify it to be more pointy at the top.

Are you going to have this fella in a scene with your nun? And I have a quick question, are you using the same mesh for the devil as for the nun? Because I can definitely see the similarities.

Hopefully moderators will delete prince’s post as it had no helpfulness to your work(hint hint).

Prince: What?! I hope to god (or Satan, whoever you wanna pledge your hopes to) you’re joking.

The ears look as if they need to be smoothed off where they begin… they look like they begin too sharply. I’d also add much bigger earlobes too, 'cause I have trouble visualising the devil without facial adornments like earings etc. Also, I think perhaps you should look at a better way of terminating all the edges that meet at the tip of his nose, 'cause those tris probably aren’t a good idea. If you have exta edges you can’t loop 'cause there’s not enough loops running to carry them on, terminate them inside his nostrils where a bit of bad mesh practice won’t be anything to worry about.

The eyes also look a little bit mechanical to me… but I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

Aside from that your mesh & mapping look absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait 'til the inner parts of his mouth are done.

Woodman5k thanks for the tutorial link i am gonna use it and see if can come up with a better looking ear. and yes i am gonna put the devil and the nun in a scene together as two different sides of the same person

kormicc.thank you for your good comments, i havent quite decided the look of his eyes yet so i´m open to suggestions
ok i´ve started working on the body for the devil im gonna make him with slightly abnormal proportions i am still not sure if im gonna make him human legs or something more animal like

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human legs or something more animal like

Goat legs would be cool.

sure, if you want to be unoriginal. %| if he wants animalistic legs, i suggest using an animal previously unthought of for the devil. like an insect or something.

i thought this forum was supposed to be moderated. can the off topic jesus freak comments be removed?

i think the reason the horns look unnatural is they appear kind of tacked on. look at hell boy or an actual animal with horns - there is a transition from the head to the horn with skin/fur/whatever covering the base of the horn.

Yeah, I agree … if God is offended I’m sure He will take care of it Himself. Meanwhile… this is a very good model, very expressive. About the only thing I see about it is that the horns do look “tacked on.”

The “catchlight in the eyes” really makes this little devil :wink: look very life-like.

I REALLY like the idea of Satan as a sort of a fat, red, middle aged guy.
I would not change a thing to the face. IMO, you should not even add a beard.

Maybe you should make the horns smaller, or at least put some kind of twist/procedural texture on them.
ok i worked more on the body i decided to go with a normal human form
i did make him animal legs aswell but i liked him better in human form

i want him too look a bit pathetic so thats why i went with the overweight
middleaged guy look and yes i have to work on the horns a bit more

Well, it appears you are already aware of the thoughts on the horns. perhaps have the skin grow up along the base of the horns a bit to give the impression of the horns growing out of his head instead.

the head overall feels a bit too angular? the brow line just above the eyes feels a bit sharp, imo.

personally, i like the eyes. they may not be the most natural looking eyes for a normal human, but for this model i think that it works and has a nice feel for the character.

slightly off-topic of the critique of your actual model:

i actually think prince has at least 1 valid point in his idiotic post. Satan was known to be quite vain, pretty, and well, gorgeous. hence the roots of his mistake. not to mention the fact that before he becam who he is, he was perfect. so the mole/blemishes on his face feel a bit out of place to me. but, of course, this is just my silly ass opinion which holds about zero weight with anyone but me :wink:

looking pretty good so far, though. i think you probably have some more work to do on the body itself, but i like that you have used human legs. it looks good.

Nice model so far.

On the body model, which I’m assuming the current stuff is unfinished being tweaked, I would shorten the upper leg as it seems slightly disproportionate to what you already have. Also, the area transition between the body and head, i.e the neck, needs to be slightly more gradual.

As far as the head goes, I think you could smooth the transition between the ear and the head as right now the ear kind of appears just stuck on instead of a natural part.
i just wanted to see what he looked like in a pose so i rigged him

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and the devils worst enemy a preist with a serious drinking problem

I quite like the modelling overall but one thing that really bothers me is the jawline on the devil. It’s most noticeable on the side view. The line curves up from the chin and then down under the ear. If you trace out the line of your own jaw, the best topology either flows up in front of the ear and over the forehead or over the top of the ear and round the back.

The optimal subsurf view doesn’t give a very clear picture of the lines though. Would it be possible to get an unsubsurfed view of the wireframe?

I would appreciate if you could do the same with the priest and also the skin shader settings. The skin on the priest looks very good I think - great bump map.

here is a little update and the concept sketch for the “priest”
osxrules. yes i´ll have to work on that jaw line a little bit and i´ll post another wire and something about the skin shader when i can