The Dark Room : final picture

This is the final render and post-prod of my personnal project : The Dark Room
The message is :

The Cosmos is like an infinite and chaotic Dark Room.
We have to live together or we will die together in this Dark Room.

If you enjoy it, download the wallpaper picture (from 640x480 to 1680x1050)

very nise modeling and lighting skills you got there

I agree. Nice composition and overall mood here.

Maybe a tad bit more ambient light in the BG to show it off a bit more. That is all I can think of to improve it slightly.

Nice piece.


How can I do to submit it in the Forum Gallery ? :confused:
An administrator could answer me, please…

Just saw the WIP, awesome work.
Actually, only mods can post to the gallery…
Which they should.

Really lovely image! I love the light falling from above!


DEF13: Do you have Bruce Campbell wearing a mickey mouse hat as your profile pic? Anyway, nice stuff bro, how’d you do the glo? Halos?