The DARK ROOM project

Hello (from France) … :smiley:
On March 16th 2006, I have started on a very big WIP : the DARK ROOM project. The objective of this project is to create (alone:() a complexe scene from A to Z with Blender … In my french thread, I discribe my mistakes and answers, there is many web links and many other things … Here is two pictures of my work, I hope you love it :slight_smile:

If you want to read (or see) more news about this project you can visit : (sorry it’s in french :o)

I will post news here too (in english :D)

See you soon …

wow very good work

Hat’s off. The scene is already catching my interest. And the character is awesome too. Great cloth …

oops. wrong thread :wink:

But exhaust pipes cause chafing + tearing.

Here is a quick update, this work is very hard but I’ll do my best. I’ve done :

  • The “Face Maquette” with bones settings.
  • “Face Maquette”'s shapes key.
  • Head’s armature.
  • IPOs witch create relation between “Face Maquette”'s bones and head’s armature.
  • First Weight Paint.

And I have to do :

  • Mesh face’s Shapes Key (+IPO).
  • Weight Paint of the mesh facec.
  • setting up correctly all IPOs.

Thank you very much to ludwig’s creator, it’s really helpfull :):):slight_smile:

A first example :

Woah… Seems like your going to make a game I must play :smiley: It looks just as good as the games those companies make these days… Except the ceiling in that broken room. The main character (I suppose) looks cool.

Big WOW! Looking terrific :smiley:

You did that in Blender? WOW! It look amazing…

Nice work, DEF13! The character looks fantastic!
The only crits I have would be for the room. It looks like more of those panels should be on the floor instead of still stuck precasiously to the ceiling. Other than that, it looks superb!

A little smile change that guy !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
OK, he stands up like a star :cool: ; but I think it’s near the end of the first part of this WIP, isn’t it ? I have to progam some bones to create “O” lips’ pose … And after that it will be finish … I think …

Here is a brand new render … enjoy it :D:D:D

wow man that room is awesome, watching this one

Yaouh !!! :D:D:D, here is the final render of the DARK-ROOM’s character.
I put a caps on his head to solve the “problem” of the hair … I have tried to create a hair cut, but I wanted a very short hair cut ; and the result was not good enought … So I create a caps :smiley:

So, here is the final result ; or, here is the result I am looking for. I know, I could do better, but when I will finish this WIP ?

Now, I have to finish the scene now … :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

just Awesome, thats all i can say, congrats man. that foot has some awesome topogly and that goes for the rest of the modeling :smiley:

good luck with the rest of the project :slight_smile:

The DARK ROOM is back … with a brand new set up !!! :smiley:

This is a new version of the scene … Exit YAFRAY (sorry) I use Blender internal render engine with Ambient Occlusion. Why ? Cause of render times and some strange results with procedural and plug-in textures :frowning:

Enjoy this new render !!! :D:D:D

I really like your last update - lighting is awsome! I only have to crit that lightning in the interior could be a BIT, but only a bit :wink: brighter. But hmm. This might be cause of my monitor. The one of my laptop is a bit brighter i think. The yellowish color of the light is really good.
Moddeling is nice too

Well, according to me, this the final render of the DARK ROOM. I know Jothmom, you think it’s a little dark, but the second “character” will be a kind of emit.light. So, the parts wich are in the dark, will be soft lighted … :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Enjoy this brand new render, and thank you to people who supports this personnal project … thank you very much :):):slight_smile:

Peuchère! Très très bon! :wink:

Awesome piece of work! I like it! Very good atmosphere and lighting!

Hello, this is the final image of my project “The Dark Room”.
If you want to read (or see) more details of this topic, you could find many things here : (:o sorry it is in french)

So, this is the end of this adventure. The message of this picture is :

The Cosmos is like an infinite and chaotic Dark Room.
We have to live together or we will die together in this Dark Room.

I have learn many things on Blender along this WIP and I hope this picture will be published in the users gallery of the Blender official website … :rolleyes:

If you want, you could download wallpaper pictures in differentes sizes (from 640x480 to 1680x1050). It is here :

1001 THANKS to people who have followed this topic and post comments.
BOSSoNe and me are preparing the little Dark Room’s website where you could download the complete .blend file. I will give you the adress here …

See you for a next WIP :wink: and “VIVE BLENDER !!!”

Wow, awesome. Why did I not see this earlier? Looks cool. There seem to be a couple inconsistencies with lighting, but it’s still great the amount of work you’ve put in.