The Dawn of Aibokind - BWC Entry (updated)

This is my entry for the BWC 2007.

Unfortunately I had in total only about 6 days to spare for this contest, so the result is not as I would have desired it. Any way I submit it and are looking forward for the other entries.

The Story:

Distant Future.

The era of mankind has long been over and left the planet in a desolate state.
It’s a barren wasteland.

In the last stages of mankind Sony produced the 8th generation Aibo pets, then
(to more closely simulate real pets) outfitted with a basic A.I and more important
the ability to reproduce. These pets turned out to be quite endurable
as they were the sole survivors of the big cataclysm so to be followed.

Over time they evolved and and reached a state of self awareness. And with this
now the old questions were asked by these descendents of pets:

Where do I come from. Was there a creator, a god ?

Myths began to build about wise omnipotent creators, long gone from this world.
That lead to the rise of a crude type of religion, worshiping the still shapeless

Until, by chance and circumstance, far out in the wide sandy plains a relic is found.
Rumors spread and ingnited discussions among the people, until a high priest and
his students are sent out to investigate and to prove the true holy nature of the relic …

Pure internal blender rendering using some postpro with the node system.

The rocks either need rougher geometry or nicer texturing. And AO could be useful.

And did you know Aibo’s a dead product when it comes to new models. Sony discontinued the Aibo and QRIO robotics lines last year.

Doesn’t stop Sony from bringing back the AIBO!

Man, now I want to finish mine. I had started modelling the robot but gave up. Anyhow, there’s couple of things:

  1. You need to come up with a better shader for the head. The Voronoi texture takes away from the overall feel. Look at the Egyptian sphinx pictures for ideas on how to make it look weather-beaten.
  2. Also there is a sharp edge where sand meets the neck. Bury your head properly :slight_smile:

Are those letters supposed to say SONY? nice touch i like the bust too good work.

I like the idea a lot. The only thing, is the lighting is off. It’s nice but it makes the scene to surreal, and thus not real. (if that makes sense) The light needs a more realistic touch.
I love the modeling, and the sony touch. Once agan idea is fantastic, your modeling as well. Just needs light work.

Nice. But I agree on the lightning. It’s coming from the wrong direction… It should be shining towards the viewer.

Thanks a lot for your comments.

I know this work has a lot of shortcomings. As I already stated, I had almost no time for working on this project. I actually had to rip the hours from my sleep :frowning:

So there are a lot of things to improve. But I liked the idea and its showing good enough to carry the story.

I managed to quench a couple of hours out of my current schedule and tried to address the most prominent problems.

I do not think that I will be able to do much more, so please tell me if this updated version is better.

It looks a lot better, the sky blends in a lot better with the whole scene now, and it looks more finished.

Don’t worry about not having enough time to do more, it looks great as it is. You have done a great job.

Thanks a lot Babracadabra. Looking forward to see your Eve3000 finished. Good luck in the competition.

Looks so much better now. Good job.

Nice update. Gave the piece that last notch upwards! Great!