The Days of Noah

Six years ago, I was hired at a small ministry to handle the VFX load for a four part documentary project, “The Days of Noah”. Originally, I was using After Effects, as I was just doing compositing, but overtime, I switched to Nuke as AE couldn’t handle what we needed to do. Along with that, it also became clear that we would need to do some 3D work. After watching Sean’s presentation about using Blender in Hollywood films for mist and birds, I started creating similar assets for use in our films.

I’ve been using Blender since 2001 when I was a junior in high school, back in the 2.2x days. When I needed to make some 3D things for my short and feature films over the years, I turned to Blender. Finding myself in the same situation for this series, and being the VFX supervisor, I got to choose the software and develop workflow.

Over these past six years, I’ve come to the forums asking for help when I couldn’t figure out how do do something, and we’ve even hired a few people from here to help various simulations and such that we needed. Now we’re finally done and I’m proud to say that Blender was used to help bring to life four-feature length films!

We did animations of the wilderness sanctuary (complete with a pillar of fire), created a CG timeline that spans an entire football field, illustrated geological principles, and even created more invisible CG elements for live actions shots like digital trees! And now I get to say, “It is finished”.

Here’s the trailer for the series, featuring many of our Blender shots. With the exception of the firey rainbow, every 3D element in the films was done with Blender! Enjoy!