The Death Grind - short film

My first short film downloadable and watchable at here:
(Very short, very simple.)

nice visuals, man! |The characters face looks a bit uncanny (polar express), i would have picked a more stylized/toon look. Hope it gets frontpaged on blendernation or :slight_smile:

…and very nice!

I think it was very good. Music and sounds were great and the rendering and execution were also great. This could easily be on Hungarian and European television and enter some contests. Of course that would defy the message you’re trying to send. :slight_smile:

very nice!

only thing I would say about it (I always have something to say…can’t help myself)
is about the animation of the mouth : it’s a bit to static during the TV show or not relaxed enought : it’s just an open mouth, it could have been more “zombified” …hem… hanging more I mean.

could make front page on cgtalk with that I think really good:eyebrowlift:


My only critisism is the eye of the char. Looks like somethings off with the transparency of the cornea. It looks like the boy is wearing contacts.

I like the uncanny look of the face though. Makes him look even more obtuse.

:slight_smile: thumbs up

Great Andy, I like the message of the short.

My only remark is that maybe eye was missing something. I guess it would be great if there was 3dsMax logo in the pupil reflection.

nice short! the camera movements appear to be very realistic, like someone is holding a camera in its hand. how did you accomplished that effect?

Excellent work! Simple story but elegently done.

This one HAS to be PLUGGED!!!

Awesome short, love it! :cool:
It’s rare to see someone actually make the entire movie themselves, especially
with their own music - YOUR MUSIC - Endi…that is just too cool!1111oeneoneone!

Best short I’ve seen in a long time.

Very impressive.

Nice short endi. The lighting and rendering of the gears are great. Sometimes they look real.

Have you shown this on CGTALK yet?

wow, that was really cool to watch, bravo!

I really enjoyed this. Nice message, great mood, great pace and generally great execution!

Endi, you are now to be known as “Sir Endi”. /grovels/ We are so unworthy, even to look at your art. :smiley:

very nice color choices here endi, well done.

Very nicely done. I loved the visuals and the theme.

I’m so bummed :frowning: .mov’s and quicktime dont’ work on my comp (i’ve tried, no dice). Maybe vimeo? please :smiley:

HAHA! Victory is mine! Quicktime gave in, and i will now view the video! Haha!

Dam fine cogs you’ve made yourself endi. Great work :smiley: