The Decline of Sesame Street

Something has gone horribly wrong with Sesame Street. I have seen some other kid shows that are also bad. Creativity and experimentation made such shows fun and interesting at one time, but now everyone seems to have traded vision for the ever poular ‘formula’. Is there hope for childrens programming?

Ummmm, maybe more sex and violents will increase the ratings

Wouldn’t they naturally look bad for someone who isn’t a little kid???

No, if you watch old episodes of sesame street, you will note that the animation among other things is quite brilliant. Equally entertaining to adults and children alike.

I just find everything in the entertainment industry is so dumbed down with adults and kids’ programs alike.

Yeah, it’s crap now. Elmo’s World takes up almost half the show. Ugh.

Not to mention that it’s full of liberal indoctrination and forcing political “correctness” on our children. When I watched it the show was politically neutral. They introduced us to other cultures, but they never once tried to get us to believe that all lifestyles (as opposed to cultures) are acceptable.

I agree. Especially the 40 lemmings, those numbers tham appear and disappear on pavements, and the pinball one. WOW…


I can’t remember, but didn’t they add a monster with AIDS to Sesame Street?

apparently they have a monster with HIV in the South African version, which personally I think is quite justified… see here