the deep blue

Had this head model knocking around for a while and wanted to get a picture out of it.

I was after a sort of painted feel and lots of bright graphical touches.

all rendered in blender internal in a few passes, then composited in photoshop.


you is a madman. much respect! love it!

as always! Great mood, colors, composition… good at all! :wink:

Everything is great, but the head has such a nice style.

Absolutely stunning work, these pieces just get better and better. Congrats!

The style is trippy like always, and the idea is executed in a great way like always too. Good work.

I love it, stunning work (as usual).
My only critic (but beware, it’s a very stupid critic :slight_smile: ) is that the title of the image doesn’t fit that much with the colors (there is almost nothing “deep blue”, gh!).

nice colors =)
cool style you have there! :wink:

thanks for the comments guys

I’m pretty happy with the colours and textures I have here so hopefully can develop this further for new illustrations

great work, I love these colours and textures… the composition is wonderful. Thumbs up!

Super color mix. The composition is cool too. I like your style.

Awesome! These velvet colors!

Quite possibly perfect. Certainly your best to date Poke, i cant find anything to critique except for those funny specular white bits around the nose and mouth.

Woah, I could have sworn it’s a pastel painting!

Colors transition is smooth, the modeling is very natural and even has grain…

Great render! :yes:

Ah, kudos on the banner! Totally deserving.

I dig the painterly feel to it. I like how you’ve used such a range of hues, but still retain some kind of unity.

the lips look odd to me, is the character supposed to have them pressed against the helmet ?

it hardly matters though with how beautiful the composition is, really a very unique and evocative image.

Interesting how the wires and lack of arms seems to draw a parallel with the invertebrates. Plus the apparent lack of thought apparent in all the organisms in the image.

nice use of subliminals; is it the colors, or is it the actual content of the image that brings the unity/harmony?
I also like the painted feeling and how it complements the image.

Stunning. And a well-deserved banner. Work of this caliber is a credit to the Blender community.

Thank you!!!

Absolutely brilliant. The colours, the composition, all of it.
Great work!