The default cube..

Eversince the default cube,
was put into Blender.
Users have always wondered,
what the inside looked like.
Today, for all of you, that question
will be answered.
It contains monkeyheads and a Sphere.


Just a little joke:)
Indigo render, no post pro.

i can’t believe this, but i like the idea!

and the way how you rendered it outside blender, and got hideous artifacts. :slight_smile:


to bad u went over the bandwith limit so we cant see it

LOL vitaliy yer, couldnt agree more. I like how you have the jellybeans in the background…

Ok, reuploaded it, with Imageshack this time.

and the way how you rendered it outside blender, and got hideous artifacts

yea… I know. but the rendertime was about 5 hours already…

You has broken the default cube!!!

Good work :slight_smile:

Hmm, I always figured it was full of chrome balls.

Good work. Should’ve let it render awhile longer (easier said than done I know).

Nice, hehe
Good combination of text and pic, that is something that should be exploited more… Maybe a new thread on that subject? What do you think???

Now the next question is: What is inside Suzanne?? O.o

And i thought that in that cube i could find answers on life and why we are put in this strange world…guess now i will have to ask those monkeys :slight_smile:

Man, thats great. Simple yet its got a nice concept behind it. Kudos man, i love it.