The Demon Binder(Blendswap contest)

Hello there,

My name is Kalin and Im here to post my character that will be part of the Blendswap competition. He will be also a main boss in my current game project. So here is:

Logam - The Demon Binder. Warchief of the 1-st line.

I need to add a few stuff. I decided at the last moment to redo the axe and the dagger he was wielding. Also add few things to the scene. Since Im pressured by time and work, I believe that by tomorrow I will be done.

-Modeled/textured/sculpted/rigged in Blender 2.6.2

-Render will be Blender Internal

-All the models are done by me.

All done in 10 days, apart from the skeleton model. I made it couple of weeks ago.

The body has 5212 faces. The body mesh consists of:
-bottom cloth




I had to redo the wall textures to meet with contest requirements.

Submitted image to the contest.