The Deserters

Hello everyone. Here’s my latest project which I made to test out Renderman for Blender and also as an exercise in lighting and framing. I have the dusk and night lighting set ups finished now and I’m still planning to do a day set up before calling this project 100% complete. That will have to wait a few weeks though. For this project, I also used Zbrush and Substance Painter. Hope you like it!


Superior work, sir!
Why does she wait in the dark? Or why the soldier does not react to her? They seem to be deeply emotional figures.
Thanks for sharing it!

Perfect. Amazing. Would watch a movie about this.

Thanks, folks!

amazing work!

Very impressive. The composition and lighting is really good but the skin looks like plastic, especially in the closeup shot.

So how did you like renderman, is the Blender plugin good?

Thanks for the critique! The renderman plugin is pretty good. They just came out with a new version of the plug-in that’s more stable and has more of Renderman’s features exposed. It’s a good time to check it out.

Woaaa … amazing job!!!