the desk for my 3d rom always conencts to the room?

im making a room and i spend all this time working ona desk and when i go to make a material for it, the desk always colors the room walls too.i thought it could be because i has the room selected when i made the mesh but that didnt work. any have any answers?

Thats easy, you have the same material for the room and the desk…
The material exists only once and it is applied to both objects.
If you change the material, you dont change it for that object, you change the material itself.
Beside your material is a number, it indicates how many objects are using this material. If you click on it, you can make it single user, so there will be a “copy” of this material created.
Best you check the “objects” “materials” “datablock” sections in the reference manual.


i tried what u said and i couldnt figure it out. it still wont work. this might help someone solve the problem; when i select either the desk or the rooms in object mode the purple selection is around both the desk and the room. So its acting like 1 object.

They probably actually are one object. All you need to do is go in edit mode and select one or the other and press P to seperate. You may also need to create a new material after seperating like described above.

PS select one vert and use CTRL and NUM+(hold until all are selected) to select the mesh easier.

Or you can go to the “Editing” panel (F9) and click “New” 2 times (you have 2 materials).

Modify your desk material properties in the “Material” panel. Switch to the wall material in the “Editing” panel and again modify it in the “Material” panel.

Back in the “Editing” panel, select the desk material, select your desk faces and click “Assign”. Switch to the wall material, select your wall faces and click “Assign”.