The destruction of the Palace
One of my biggest physics simulations yet, around 16,000 objects at last count all piled into one building and blown apart with giant bombs.

Made this on Friday, but went to Texas for vacation so I waited till now to post it.

Unfortunately, iffy lighting and bad textures ruin this for me, but 3 stars for the sim.

You gotta up the ante on these man, theyre are all fairly similar right now…

agree w/ free on everything but the three stars. Rating less than 4 isn’t worth bothering. You need to get the creative mojo flowing too many repeats with little variation. Time for something completely new. How many different titles can you come up with for building falling down…

As a simulation this is great, but as a render… well there’s this stong feeling of Deja Vu I’m having. It’s not bad though, but maybe you should try something else for a change.

Lighting and Textures are really bland, but the Physics are cool,2.8/5

The colours are really burnt out, and there seems to be no lighting from an explosion, if it is one.

Try and put some more work into finishing these, or take a very simple scene and use just the camera, lighting and texturing to make it look good.

Elsewhere I said that your Pringa piece has a lot of artistic merit. It has composition, aerial perspective, dramatic light and shade plus textural and chromatic contrasts. That’s five or six more things than most of your texture-fest test files have. That’s presumably still your most highly-rated piece.

This piece has none of those things. I’m sure it’s amazing to witness the physics but as an image, it’s kinda boring.

Despite what others have said, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing a theme in art but the procedural cloud texture looks like a procedural cloud texture and the other procedural textures look like procedural textures and the rest is basically nothing but another physics simulation. Other than building the blocks up and waiting for the simulation to process, it looks like you spent a few minutes on this one.

It might be an interesting test, but it’s not a finished work.