The detective

here’s a piece i did for a blender 52 week 25 challenge “Noir”


Thats cool, i dig this style. I like your split screen too. A few months ago i uploaded alittle mini i made and plan on continuing with blender.
Anyway, good luck !

Hahaa…yeah i just watched the short. Thanks man. What did you use blender for in that short?

Naa… I wish i could use blender like that, in new to modeling… It was green screen and still images i nabbed from online. There’s a phone handle thats a model (downloaded also) that was tracked in DaVinci resolve, but thats it for modeling.

Thats quite good though. I want to do a few videos to practice using blender for vfx as well. I was actually brainstorming right now as i fall asleep. You on instagram right?

Pretty sure ive created an account on most of them sites, but dont really goto/use them. Im a bit of a gypsy, wondering around, dabbling here and there passing time :slight_smile:

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:smile:hahaa…gypsy…alright then.