the Deus Sea (new blender movie)

Hi all. Thought I’d let everyone officially know about my soon to come blender movie, “the Deus Sea.” It is a full length (planning on 90 min.). I have been working on this now for about 4 years on and off. The story has gone through some serious changes, which were necessary, and some heavy modeling changes. Here’s the temporary site until I have time for a full flash type site.
Please let me know what you guys think. There isn’t much material up there yet, but I’ve been trying to add some stuff every day.

Love the story, can’t wait to see more.
You’ve done this all yourself?
How much animation is done?

Spellcheck is your friend. Missing apostrophe fixed too.

(Not trying to be a tool, but if you want it to look more professional…)

Three hundred years after mankind has left the Earth against their will, they are confronted with a disease that threatens to eliminate what little remains of their already dwindled numbers. The Morris Strain as it is known is a disease that arose shortly after the exodus of Earth, and seemingly has no cause. The only real thing known about the disease is that it is fatal without regular treatment of the drug RH-7. Even with this treatment, the infected still live their lives infertile and outcast from society. Through the years many of the corporations have tried to cure the disease, but none have succeeded.

		The Exiles of the corporations believe that the Morris Strain is the Gods' punishment for abandoning faith in pursuit of higher science. The Employs believe that the strain is the effect of our bodies adjusting to the conditions of space, and merely a form of evolution. Neither side is right, and it takes a trip home to remember what we lost.
		On a lonely desert road, John Hunter is driving a tanker of water when a stranger appears at the side of the road. Little does he know, the stranger is about to thrust him back into a world he's tried for twelve years to escape.

Thanks guys for your replies.
To Neonstarlight, yes so far it is me, myself, and I that are working on the project. As i said it’s taken me 4 years to get to this point, and a lot of it has to do with that reason. Ive worked with a lot of 3d programs over the years and Blender was the first one that seemed to make sense to me, and so things have been going much faster since then. The animation is coming along, but slowly as I’m still finishing up tons of the preproduction. All the characters have been rigged and some test cycles are done, but nothing worth showing. As long as I don’t have too many other projects distract me, I am hoping for this to be done by Christmas, or at least be headed to rendering at that time. Ambitious I know, but that’s something this project has in spades.

To Doncuan, thanks for your fixes, I’ve already put them on the site. Punctuation never was one of my strong suits. I also wrote that piece in notepad at 3 or 4 in the morning, so no spell check and I just forgot when I put it on the site. Thanks again.

I hope to have more to come after the next few weeks. I have some of those distractions in my lap that need to get done so I can pay for some more processors.

I think I’ll refrain from commenting until I can see more than the homepage =). Keep it running, it’ll be one of the first times Blender’s been used to do a full feature film, apart from plumiferos, but that’s got a team on it. Good on ya. You’re showing the world what the garage producer can make =).