The Devil and the lava pit

Hello folks

I’m proud to show you my lastest picture “The Devil and the lava pit”

The final version (after postprod)

And the first version (before postprod :D)
Can you find the differences?:stuck_out_tongue:

looks a little bit as a screenshot from a game.

I think you could make the scene a bit more interesting by giving the backgound a slight darkish red glow, or maybe even some dark stalgamite forms.

the devil looks like he was cut out XD and everything needs to be a little smoother, but it’s pretty good, especially the lava at the bottom…oh and if you can make it fade out into the black =D

no image is spooky enough compared to devil, but devil is an invisible ass

The models are too low detail and the textures are too low-res to bring this to still shot standards, though it would be a nice scene for a game.

It would appear so cool in a game!

Thanks for your comments :yes:
The low_poly aspect is wanted (i love low_poly)
A little up

And the texture map (original size 2048*2048 px)

And a tuto (in french) to make lava with toshop: lave

IIIII Like it! keep up the good work. i liek the lowe polly stuff u do and i love the devil character. omg it reminds me of World of Warcraft. i know i said it in your other forum but… it just does lol. keep it up