The Devil's Backwash (B.O.B The Movie)

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, I’ve basically rewritten the entire script for my animated movie that I have planned. I basically gave the characters a lot more depth, a lot more personality, gave the story an actual moral and actual character development. Edited it a TON and I’m waiting for beta readers to reply with, as I asked, the harshest possible criticism.
But while I wait, I wanted to make the building for the first set in the movie. This is the Devil’s Backwash, a out of town broken up bar that’s for Hell’s most wanted. The dirtiest denizens of Hell come here to this shady criminal infested bar to drink until they pass out.
Fighting is common here and it’s impact is SHOWN in the broken walls and busted up rooms, with three bedrooms one bathroom and a big back room(all non shown rooms unfurnished because they’ll never be shown in the movie and never really used, if I ever need to use them I have plans for furniture).

I made all the furniture and made all the wine glasses and bottles. The chandelier represents burnout when overworking, starting off at the tip top with a bright burning candles moving into being GOOD and motivated to being just okay and moving along just fine to being burnt out and melted.

I hope to upload here more and make more buildings sets models etc. I LOVE making buildings, they’re SUPER fun to watch grow and get more and more detailed as you go, love designing the insides and all the furniture and I LOVE seeing the end product FINALLY being completed!