The Devils Offer

New try at a project. I have this godawful habit of starting a project and then dropping it.
I’m hoping it will be different with this one. This one is gonna be CG Produced stills for a Shortfilm we’re doing for a college class. I’m doing these mainly to practice my Blender Skills and to have a little Previs since I’m also gonna be directing the short.

The basic idea is that a guy wants to fulfill his dreams so he visits the Devil because he can help him. Of course he will have to pay with his soul in exchange for the fulfillment of his dreams. This is loosely what the short is gonna be about. The CG Images will mainly show selected scens or shots and will be stills and not animations.

So far I started on the Chair and already got into some dtailing which you cant relly see since it is on top of the armrests. I’l try to show the Armrests which will appear to be made out of something like a goats horn in one of teh next renders when I have more progress to show.

For now I already like the basic lighting I set up and the mood it generates.

Obviously there is still a lot left to do to make the chair appear devilish.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post. Any I’m grateful for any advice you guys might give me.

The Block shape on the second Image is the Basic shape of the Devils desk. opposite of him i wil put a rather uncomfortable looking stool which is intended for the Devils clients.

And here’s the Link to the Image in Full HD on my Flickr. I figured i had to uplaod at least one Image so I’ll have a Thumbnail :smiley:
WIP_2 von F Stop Designs auf Flickr

Tried all day yesterday to get the foot model right and it just didnt work out. :frowning: Definetly harder than I thought. So I googled and found a quite nice model for free so I’m using that now. Didn’t really want to at first but I just ddnt want to mess with my own foot anymore.
Also did the Horn rims that go up on the sides of the chair.
I think I’ll probably have to rig the feet though as I think they look a little to arched right now. But I think I’ll do that later on.
Next up I’ll either come up with some more devilish details for the chair or I’ll start texturing it.
Quick question though: Do I have to UV unwrap if I plan to use procedural materials?

As always any comments and questions are welcome. Also if anything seems way off that I missed let me know :slight_smile: by F Stop Designs, on Flickr

Edit: Heres another render from the side. Like i said I think the feet arch a little too much. by F Stop Designs, on Flickr