The differences between Low Poly, and High Poly

What is The differences between Low Poly, and High Poly?
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low poly has few polygons high poly has many polygons, its not like there is a set limit that constitutes high or low, but as a general rule, you would consider a game model to be low poly, where you would attempt to create the model with the fewest polygons possible, and add detail with mormal maps
whereas a high poly model would be a sculpted model with a high resolution modifier applied or a dynamic topology mesh sculpt, where in either case the mesh could rise into the multiple millions of polygons

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You might want to also take a look at normal maps. They allow you to capture the surface detail from a high poly model and apply this to the low poly model to create the illusion of extra geometry. Now that we are are the topic of textures, you may want to learn to UV unwrap your model so that you can apply the normal map to the model. This will also allow you to apply other image textures to your model.