The different are forbidden

My best project in 2020 for hum3d car challenge 2020. WIP…/car-render-challenge-2020…/

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Story behind:
“The main concept for my work was inspired by the fact that, if your different you’re often questioned and disliked. “others will always want to change you if you are different”. It doesn’t matter in which way you are different - fashion/style, physical attributes or just your mindset. People will try to change you.In my scene there are two styles that are cross fusing - realism (car from nowadays) and sci-fi.Action is happening on another planet. The Blue car is forced to go to the Repair/Paint station. They want to make it into a sci-fi car to blend in with them because this car is dissimilar to them. Different technical details. Different colours. Different era. Different generation.
On the render the blue car has just been placed on the truck.One wheel police vehicles are controlling how the truck is taking the blue car.On the truck’s screen is number “SG-55”(it’s blue cars number) and on paint station is the same number on the monitor. That means next one in the queue is the blue car. Here is also an interesting philosophy fact about people’s different perspectives. For example; for the the main blue car “SG” stands for symbolic growth - as it singly represents all the individuals that are different to the crowd but for the others (scifi police) it “SG” represents a stubborn generation, they are not open for change, for growth and for individuality.Next to the paint station, in the cylinders are paints.All the sci-fi assets have the same Japanese symbols on them which means “vehicle”. In the paint station there is already the base of different car is getting painted and there is preparation with new wheels waiting for the main blue car.Stands on the truck’s platform can move to give way or to control the car.
In conclusion all of what I want to express within my work and my art, is to just respect others and different generations. Everyone has their own reasons to be who they are and that’s okay.”