The different one .Artwork

Hello. This is my new artwork . This is my first attempt at adding a story to my render . Yanal Sosak’s sculpting tutorials were a huge help . Although I’ve posted my previous artworks before I’ve received almost no feedbacks ,hoping this would get some so I can improve in the future . Thank you

Tech - Render Time - 6 hours
Frame - 2560 x 1607
Samples - 2000

Final Image



If you want feedback, perhaps the “focused critique” subforum is a better place.
Colors, textures, and materials are all solid. Composition is initially strong, very good focus, tentacles are the same color as the background, so they sneak up on you. Geometry and modeling looks mostly solid.
However, the composition is very flat. There is almost no secondary interest, and no depth to the background. The foreground is the car, which works well to give a sense of separation, motion, and danger. The middle ground holds your focal figure (the tentacle girl) and a few other elements. But the background is just a wall, with a bit of ivy growing on it.
The modeling of the curb is odd. Old broken curbs are many pieces, or made from brick or stones, and curbs in one piece are built straight. There would be no way for a curb to get to how you have portrayed it, unless the person who did the concrete work was just really terrible?

To improve it, I recommend adding an arched gate in the wall, with a secondary focal element in the deep background. Haunted house is a classic, but it could be anything. You could also pervert some of the middle-ground elements, to show that it’s not just the girl who is off.

Thank you,For the curb I used real life reference from a park nearby home , They used a mixture of Polished Rocks and cement coats the bricks with it ,This overtime grows moss on it. And I will try to improve on the composition.

Fascinating! I looked around and couldn’t find any reference photos of moss-friendly curbs. Mind sharing an example?

Sure , I’ll Grab a couple of pics the next time I visit there. But this one I got from google and is more smooth and less mossy. Over time the cement absorbs moist and grows patches of green moss .

Ahh! Ok. It is too smooth and shiny for moss in your render. If you can not achieve a moss effect with materials (I don’t know, I’m not very good at materials myself) try a particle system.

a particle system wasn’t necessary since the moss turns to solid patches when soaked. and my version of the curb is a bit worn out . the concrete layer has broken down revealing the shiny rocks used in the mix .But thank’s for ur advice .