The Dig: Tram Station

Hi everyone! This is something I’m working on. I’m striving to achieve photorealism so that compositing a live-action actor into the scene would look plausible. :slight_smile:

Most of you probably don’t understand what you are looking at. This is a fictitious location from a story called The Dig. It exists as a LucasArts adventure game and a novel. This rendering in specific is of my interpretation of the “tram station.”

The glowing sphere is supposed to be made out of some clear kind of mineral. It rests on a track, and when one climbs into the sphere, it accelerates down a tunnel off to the right. Everything else in the chamber is constructed of stone or similar materials. The ceiling is dark. The arched doorway you are standing in is made up of a mosaic of stone tiles.

Let me know what you think, and give me lots of feedback on how to improve the realism of a somewhat fantastical room. I’m also interested in how to improve the appearance of the tram sphere so that one does not immediately mistake it for a large moon. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d suggest making the sphere somewhat transparent: that’d differentiate it from an opaque moon.

Just a thought. Otherwise, the pic looks good.

The mist is quite excellent How’d ya do that?


I played the dig, awsome f*cking game, loved it, so hard

anyhoo, you need runes and hyrogliphs

i remeber it though

this game sounds interesting… the scene is dark and hard to figure out. it looks sort of like a full moon rising over the island at the lake at the cottage…

Thank you for the suggestion, I think that should help greatly. As for the mist, heh, well, there is no mist! :smiley: You’re probably looking at the texture I have made for the wall in the background, although I’m not really sure. Glad you think it looks neat, anyway.

Yes! Yes I do! In fact, I’ve developed a special font for that specific purpose, and I am working on it! I’m pleased that you’ve heard of the game, too.

I admit that it is pretty dark. On this other monitor, I see that all the details are invisible… I should brighten it so that stuff shows up on darker monitors. Perhaps I can think of some other light sources as well.

Thanks for all the feedback so far, here’s RENDER NUMBER TWO!

that’s a cool looking picture alright! :slight_smile:
unfortunately, it could be almost anything. there’s no real sense of setting or scale. those two stone pillars at the side, are they like a picture frame or a part of the scene?

Once we get around to placing live actors into the scene, then you’ll understand the setting and the scale. The stone things on the side of the image, as mentioned above, are the sides of a passageway into the room. I’ll give you a few links to some animations so you might further understand the setting and how to make it look better. - A simple animation of the tram station, with the camera rotating 360 degrees to show the whole room. DivX format. 850 KB. - A more complex animation of the tram sphere blooming with light and beginning to roll down the tunnel. Sphere rotation needs work. QuickTime format. 11 MB. (sorry about the large file size)


i think the sphere thing needs more of a defined edge, and if its glowing, <and if thats a wall behind it> there needs to be more glow upwards.

rune passageway pillar things look too… lacking in perspective, shouldnt they be angling towards the middle some? they need some better lighting too

very nice…

I remember the Dig, cool game. Interesting idea to make a scene from it.

Nice looking, but i remember the tram in The Dig to be a darker blue, your’s is more of a pale blue. But other than color that’s exactly how i remember it looking.


Looking nice…
Although… The tram looks like… a big energy ball…
Maybe if you texture it like the real tram from the old old The Dig (I’m going to look for that CD right now!) but then… you are the artist after all %|
I like it. What’s next? Some dude “doing” the “life crystals”? :slight_smile:

Well, if you’re looking for a visual reference of the tram. I got one.

It’s best if you save the image and enlarge it to see the details. The sphere has odd lines running along it. It’s not very translucent at all.

Then again, if you take in account artistic license, it’s okay as is anyway.

Here’s a lifecrystal I made, want to model Brink? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to you all for the feedback on the color of the tram. Thanks for the image reference, too. I am trying to use some artistic license but hey, it’s simple to alter so… enjoy…
As you can see, I’ve added a tram call button.

I wonder if I can model a Cocytan ocean well…

wicked 8)

I just increased my brightness from 50% to 70%. See it much better now. :slight_smile:

I really love the sphere but still have difficulty making some of the other stuff out.

Nevermind though - the sphere is cool.