The Diner

Another speed modeling practice I did, took about an hour to build and material/tex/light, about a day to render… poor old computer

Wow, that really looks like my dinner.

looks good however…

the drink is still full but yet the person has ate all the food except for one pea…
hmmm… is the person in the bathroom and going to return to drink the soda,
or has the person left the table without leaving the waitress a tip?

I think the glass of soda should be more empty about 1/3 full and put a tip of money on the table like
$1.75 or something.
Maybe smear a little gravy on the plate
(make it look like he had Chicken fired steak or something.
the plate looks to clean for being “used” add a butter knife to the scene)

i like the way the render turned out(even though it has the grain, it give some character to the picture)

edit Also… that second “salt shaker’” i would change the outside color
of one of them to a tan color for black pepper…
(the top of the shaker nan stay an off white, the sides need to be a tan color for pepper)

The scene was meant to imply that the person ordered but one pea. He hasn’t started his meal, so no tip yet.

Undernourishment…just kidding.

Juist one pea! Sign of the times to come? :slight_smile:
It looks good for 1 hour work… just the scale of the soda glass… seems like an enlarged “shot”-glass rather than a proper sized glass, maybe you could resize it a bit? :smiley:

You’re right! Not gonna change it though. Too bad.