The Dino

Well, this is my recent entry for a challenge.
This dino is one of the guards of the mountain city which faces the desert. This city is a rich one here in dino-land, even the guards look elegant
I wasn’t aiming for a realistic world… this is another one.
I hope you like this fun piece.


If you ask me, the dino doesn’t really appear too much like a guard. Maybe it’s the eyes and the paunch. Perhaps if the head had more squareness to it and less roundness to the eyes. Also, the ground texture could use some work, and the background needs to be more dynamic. Perhaps, you can add a small river, some patches of green, cloud shadows, etc. And if you wanted to emphasize elegance, do not be so reserved as to limit it to the patch on the scale and the bracelets: go wild with it, maybe make a whole uniform. Other than these things, I do like the texture on the dino itself. Hope you don’t mind the C&C; I don’t crit pictures I don’t think have potential.

Thanks for the crit BANZ :), I forgot to say that he’s standing on a mountain, not on sand.
And I do agree about adding more stuff like a whole armor, but I don’t have time really, and I’m afraid I can’t work on it any longer.
As for the river and patches of green… I guess it doesn’t work well with a desert theme right?


Nice work, but I do have one crit. The mountain needs a texture because it seems he’s on sand. Good work though, so I’ll give you 4/5 stars.

woah awesome stuff!
5 stars

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
If the image is not showing up just visit my CG portfolio ( on my sig)… God I miss uplaod.polorix!

I’ve done some fixes to the background and dino skin ( quick fixes because of lack of free time ) I hope you like it :slight_smile:
( fixed image is on my first post )


In addition to adding a texture to the ground, you might consider “greebling” the ground; that is, add some weeds, pebbles, etc.

Nice job on the dino.

Lovely dino. Great texture, background nice. It’s the pose with the banner. No one can hold a banner that straight. Turn it only a few degrees to either side and the pose won’t look that unnatural. The head should also be turning a tiny bit.But only enough to make it more alive. Love it!

Great job on the dino, I like his expressions and the background looks nice :yes:, just the mountain needs some textures and the bracelets look a bit odd.
5 *'s.

good work! really good texture work on the dino!

Thank you all for your kind words :slight_smile: , I’m glad you liked it.

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