The Discarded Car

The car is an old Ford Zephyre, which will part of the ‘Anderson Shelter’ scene which I am doing in the UE4 engine, or perhaps the new Cycles Game Engine : Armory which is in development (

The car has pbr materials : (cycles render)

And is fairly low poly at 9004 tris at this stage, the car will have more detail added, then it will be put into the UE4 as a static model. It is not yet totally done, things like head lamps need doing.


Wow, it’s beautiful!!! And it’s not finished yet??? I love the framing, so low, so near the ground, like if an ant had the camera :wink: Textures and lighting are great. And colors as well. Congratulations!

Thanks, that is very kind of you!

That’s cool, It might benefit from some more contrast between the sunlight and shadow to give it more of a focal point, as is, my eye is not sure where to look.

Thanks! I think you are right, it is a bit hard to tell for me as my moniter(s) are quite bright.