The disclosure

Well, I don’t believe that this is political or religious, and I liked it!

Cheers, pix :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup thats pretty much it, they are washing the brain as we speak, my nephew told me so. But the question is why ? I liked being dirty. Unless the universe really is in a fish bowl.


That was really really weird.

What is with you two?


Well, we might just be aliens (as from another planet) although that would probably seem unlikely. I don’t have anything to say in Al_capone’s responce except that there may be a common thread that exists in our thoughts. If you can not see that, well, what can I say? Now, I have to ask you, What is it with you? :confused:

lol pixelmass


what is it with me?

I think, maybe, it’s… like…


I hates it. I want summer back.

@ hackedmind

Well, let me see. For starters you could put skies on your avatar, more into the winter spirit you see? It is good pose to do so if you think about it. Yeah, I used to live in SoCal as well, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, L.A. and Long beach. I worked for the second largest newspaper (The Daily News) when I was there, I also did construction work on the side as well. I have to admit that the place was captivating, always something to do or somewhere to go, and I got sucked up into the trap. Well, I took a small vacation back to NoCal (not a diet, Northern California, redwood forests and all, Mendocino county which I left to make it in the “big city”) , and realized that in most places the sky is blue, not gray and the air doesn’t smell like ozone all of the time. So I went back, collected my paychecks and just quit. It was actually pretty fun in a way. I just took all of my I.D.'s and put them in a mailbox, they all had the “if found return to blah blah blah” messages on them. I figured that it would be notice enough. Then I headed north, back to the trees and stuff, and even beyond. Somewhere and somehow or another I managed to survive and even saved up enough moola to buy a house which is where I live today. ( I shall not delve into personal relations and such, we all have them, and that stuff would be a whole 'nother story.)

Okay, back to winter… . Where I live now we have four distinct seasons and they change as if a switch somewhere had been snapped, no kidding. In wintertime it is cold and snows a lot. Still, it is interesting and beautiful. Some days you can wake up and it is as if the whole world was re- carpeted in virgin white. Then when you look a bit more closely you can see the hoof prints of deer in four foot snow as you walk your rather large dog who seems to think that he is a snow plow (as he buries his head under the snow smelling his way rather than seeing). This is all fun and a bit distracting until you remember that you now have to shovel hip-high snow just to clear paths to the street, your wood pile and the neighbor’s house. Oh well, it keeps you in shape.

Contrasts are nice! I mean, how can you realize any differences if you have nothing to compare them to?

Then there is spring and all of its new life, summer in all its glory and then autumn whispering once again of winter. Face it man, we are all trapped on the carousel of time. there is no way around it, so you might as well just enjoy the ride and get your ticket’s worth!

Cheers, pix

You’re cool.

I can’t wait until I get out of college and I can just travel. I really want to couch-surf around the world, blogging, writing, and doing music and art and stuff. I haven’t the slightest idea if it’s even feasible, especially when you add in the desire to get married etc.

Oh well. Young adult restlessness I guess :expressionless: