After posting the finished version of my 3D disco club, “The Disco Dreamland” I wanted to test the actual functionality of the dancing lights and screen. So I took a very short remix of September by Earth, Wind, and Fire remixed by DM DOKURO and Chase on the Silvagunner channel, full credit for the song and remix go to them but the animation of course is my own
I made this in a bit of a different way, because my computer lags horribly, every time I would press “play” in the viewport to test it the audio from the speaker and the animation would move at different paces, I’d get about 1 frame per second or second and a half, making it impossible to link things together, to get around this, I would render it in viewport display, place it in Openshot editor, and then place the song on another track, and then watch it.
If ANYTHING was out of alignment I’d go back, and put it in it’s right place, from a half a second to a couple of seconds, once it was aligned I’d continue moving forwards. I did this for a few weeks, and finally the final render took about 2 hours, and that’s in view port display…

Hope you enjoy it! Bye! <3