the doctor is watching

(snailrose) #1

hey all…I’ve finally got around and textured him…
its not finished yet so some comments would be appreciated


(BgDM) #2

looks great. some texture stretching in the clopak/jacket, but that can be fixed.

keep it up! looking forward to seeing more.


(saluk) #3

Very odd.

I like it :slight_smile:

The butterfly on a chain is interesting, does it signify anything?

(snailrose) #4

Hey thanks…the butterfly is one of the things Dr. kwon takes from the dwellers of the forest of shadows he’ll literally rip the fairy’s wings right off there back then make all kind’s of stuff…
and the talisman is just one of them :slight_smile:


(stephen2002) #5

that is very strange.

His hair looks like clay or something just kinda stuck on to the face.

(snailrose) #6

damn your right…that does need to be fixed, i was going for a toonish look and the result is clay… :x
thanks to all for the tips
any more?


(snailrose) #7

Hey all here is an updated dr kwon


(Avatar) #8

What does that butterfly mean??

(SirDude) #9

The elbow looks a little thin where it is bent.

(snailrose) #10

What does that butterfly mean??

it somewhat signifies oppresion in the forest… :x

The elbow looks a little thin where it is bent.

yeah it wats my first attempt on armatures for the arms so with my next character i’ll change that :smiley:

(dreamsgate) #11

His eyes are alittle creepy, but I like the character. Nice modeling and texturing.