The Dogtag

I have usually very little time to play around with blender due to my studies but I like to do so when I have some free time, so here’s what I came up with a few days ago, everything was done with blender 2.62 and rendered in cycles. Took around 1 hour and a half to complete the whole modeling + setup and 5 minutes approximately to render. The render has a resolution of 1920x1080px and the render was set to 1500 samples. It’s a very basic concept but I like how it turned out and hope you do so :wink:

See you.

I created a dog tag awhile back for a documentary I was working on but it didn’t look nearly this good (granted this was before cycles).

How did you model the chain, did you use a curve or something? What about the engraving on the dogtag? I’ve had trouble figuring out how to get cycles to recognize transparent images.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
The chain was modelled indeed using a path with a circle as a taper object. Then using a small sphere with a hole for the links with an array and a curve modifier, and then manually retouching the areas where the links weren’t exactly as I wanted them to be.
The dogtag has two textures one for the scratches effect, I didn’t use it as a normal map but as a specular map, using it as a mask in the node editor to mix two glossy materials with different roughness values. The actual symbol engraving was done using a simple black and white image and uv-mapping it and using it as the displacement for the material node.
Here’s the material node for the dogtag so you can see it better :slight_smile:

The multiply nodes and are there just to adjust the quantity of displacement for the bump map.
I hope this helps you :wink:

Wow, beautiful

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile: