The doll, work in progress

Aloha! I’m quite new here and using Blender, so this it’s my firts “Thread” :slight_smile: And it’s about a rag doll I’m doing.

Still needing to add some details and to adjust the background, but here it’s my doll!

I’ve try to use the Hair Particle System for to do curly hair under Cycles Render, but no way… so I had to model some hairs using curve Blezier and give them that cartoonish look, then do a group and that way I could use the Hair Particle System at last, but if anyone knows other trick to run particles under Cycles, please, let me know!

Post-production… I didn’t let her complete all the cycles to get that grainny effect that it’s similar to the film grain effect of the old movies and I’ve play with the nodes on Render Layer to get the (by the moment) final effect (2 Glare nodes -ghots and streaks- and a mix node -ligthen-).

Maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong, but I’ve realize that the less grainny it’s (and more perfect the final render), the less works the Glare streaks node… anyone knows about?

PD 01: Sorry for my bad english! :wink:
PD 02: I’ve have found inspiration for the background in one tutorial about a Tron balls in Blender Cookie and for the hair under cycles in the Grass tutorial of Blender Guru.

I adore the textures, she is so quirky!
Personally though I think it would look better without the blue lines, or at least make them a little more subtle.
Otherwise, this is very cute. Good job.

Aloha sooshicat! Thank you! Yeah, background need to be retouched, as I’ve said… Textures? There’s no textures, just material …:slight_smile: that “texture” effect it’s because the nodes on Render layer.

New vintage style versions :wink:
I’ve made the Purple Doll for a WordPress challenge and the Sand Doll for a friend. Hope you’d like!

Adding some effects with the compositor, other angle view, some little details as vertex color and a different background…

Better now? Sure there’s something I can improve, ideas?

(To see it larger: