The Dome Light?

Among the MAYA’s light list, there’s a light call ‘Dome Light’ the light shape of half sphere and import the image which effect to the light I guess, and I’m just wonder, is there ‘Dome light’ that I just described, is it exist in blender too?

I used to use dome lights in 3Ds Max and V-Ray for my HDRi’s, if that’s what you’re discribing, no Blender doesn’t have that. You can add your HDRI in the Wold “tab” in the shader editor. Add it in the Environment Texture node image

Do I still add the lght?
Sorry haven’t used it for a while ;;;

No need to add a light, although it seems like you’ve added an “Image Texture Node” and not an “Environment Texture Node”

Assuming you’re using a 360 image, my understanding is that the image you’re using should go under an “Environment Texture Node”