The Donald sculpt


(Daniel_Gordillo) #1

I had this Trumpo sculpture laying around for about a year and I never got really satisfied with it. So I just got into sculpting mode and remade most of it, so I got from this:

To this:

So, what do you think? Should I start texturing the madafaka or what?

(Got me a new AMD Threadripper 1950x machine, so this is the first time I get to 17M faces, 34M triangles in sculpting. Those 32 threads sure are worth their price. I only wish Dyntopo was working as fast as multires)

(Daniel_Gordillo) #2

Texturing almost done!

Maybe it was for the best to drop this project for more than a year… This is the previous textured version:

doesn’t look like the Donald, just some AMONYM… ANOYNUM… ANOMYN… like any unknown guy you see in the streets. SAD.

(mcurt09) #3

I think the likeness is really coming along! The hair is what will really sell it. Make use of that new Principled Hair BSDF, it’s awesome!

(Daniel_Gordillo) #4

I`ll tinker with that principled hair node, but I also need to export this to use it in webGL/Blend4web