The Donut - Updated with all renders

  • Blender 2.90.1
  • Post work in Adobe Lightroom & Nik Collection
  • Cycles

After 18 years in 3DSMax I thought I would finally give Blender a spin. I blame YouTube for keep recommending Ian Hubert and Blender Guru to me for years😊 Started this September 23rd having never opened Blender before (knew what it was of course) and have been fiddling with it on and off when I have had time.

I hope you like it. I’m not changing anything as I’m quite done with this now, but feel free to critique😊 I have 13 renders with three pictures for each, so will probably divide the share up in chunks. I’m also rendering a small animation that I will post later (still rendering).


Shouldn’t the DOP be the other way around? ie the donut should be in focus

Looks like your having fun Esborn! :+1:

I spent a ton of time on the whole scene so why should the donut get all the love. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s about finding interesting motives. If all the pictures were of the donut that would be boring.


Its interesting to see people with molding and scene creation skills take a “beginners” tutorial and turn it into this. Did you also model the camera, computer and other things in the scene ? The order you posted the images is pretty cool, almost like a presentation leading up to the big revel/picture of the full scene (excluding the last couple). If i was to critique, id say them colorful little fart-bubble things on the donut look a little odd.

Not knowing what “Nik Collection” is, doe’s it have anything to do with the “vintage” (or 1980’s) look to the final renders ?

Looks great, love it.

It definitely is interesting. This artwork might even become #featured. Great job!

Hi, tnx for commenting:)

I made everthing in the scene exept the camera and light witch I found on a free site and cleaned up \ retextured. Modeling dosnt have the same alure after so many years in the buisniss:P Althoguh I must admit this projects has made me want to dig up some of my old stuff and rerender it with cycles:) Just need to get a real handle on render settings first.

I actually had some thought in the order of the pictures :slight_smile: The last shots were kind of added in the end so they stand out a bit.

Nik Collection is software originally developed by Google for photo editing and manipulation. I think its its own thing now and and cost money. But the old version is still free if you can find it. One of the tools is indeed intended to make images look old, not just 80s, and less perfect. Makes adding chromatic aberration, dust, scratches, light leaks and a bunch of other stuff easy and fun. Love playing around with it. Sadly it only works on still images.


Thanks for sharing.