The Door...

well this is a very simple project it took me a cople minutes to do but this is where it came from, at school I was realy board so I desided to draw up an image, I still need to do changes to colors but so far I think it is turning out well :smiley:


i like the way the light is busting through.
needs more color, and could use some OSA during render.
keep it coming.

Needs more detail, and OSA

with this one im going to make everything black except the door and door knob, then light will shine through and you will see light just like it is now

Hate to sound like a punk, but if you were paying attention at school, you’d know that you were BORED, not BOARD. :wink:

Anyway, as far as WIP CnC goes, your doorknob doesn’t look right, the ‘shank’ is too thick.

lol Im not the best speller ever and yeah Im gona make that umm Skinnyer

Yeah what he said. encouraging though.


Abandon Hope (ozymandius or somthing like that)