The Doors

Any critics

Superb :). The only this I would suggest would to add some props at the end of the corridor, and to add some random grunge in certain places on the floor. Also, the texture used for the floor in the room to the left seems like water, so try using a better, high-res texture.

The dispersion looks weird - I would recommend reducing it, as it kinda looks like that far left section of the image has been blurred or something… also, the the textures look like they could be reduced to look less harsh, as they gives the impression the building is about to fall down, but the walls look sturdy… it’s a bit confusing…

The lighting looks very flat, I think it could help if the are some darker areas

DOF or blurs are too much.

thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

This is superb work. My only critique is that the floor needs random grunge and rubbish lying around.

Hey That looks like my old apartment lol , just joking , I agree with hamstaq

try to add some balls of scrunched up paper , plastic bag or two and maybe some sand build up , But it is a very cool render .